September 28, 2007


Heather and I arrived safely in Greece yesterday afternoon. Photos will not do justice to this place so I'm not posting any. Okay, well I am unable to as the computer I'm using looks like it was salvaged from the Atari age! This place is amazing though. Cristal clear blue sea water. Narrow road with crazy Taxi drivers and climber driven Moped's battling it out for the right of way. Lots of horns and the occasional French word or two. Funny we're in Greece, but it seems like a Hodge podge of every European language known to man. Then there are the Americans... all three of us! Oh yeah, and some Canadians who speak just like we do... eh! I have been asked three times where I'm from because of my accent! It's really fun to ask people if they have even heard of Idaho. Two points for the Canadians, who we can understand and know where Idaho is!

We are both healthy and having a great time. We counted up our travel time plus airport time, plus getting to Massuri (the place on Kalymnos that we are staying), dinner, a walk on the beach, and finally to bed at 9pm Greece time. A total of 27hrs! Not bad, eh! There was a big mix up with our apartment reservations. They had overbooked, so we basically got booted. Not to worry though, she called and made arrangements for us at another place down the street. The people of this Island are amazingly nice. Always wanting to help. It is not like America at all. Not that i thought it would be either.

That's all for now. It's dinner time (17:45) and I'm very hungry after getting eaten alive by Tufa's in the Grande Grotto! I see about getting some photos on here during a rest day when i have a chance to look for a better computer on the Island. Until then...