September 21, 2007

Magnetic Attraction

I spent the day in Jackson Hole talking with Rex about Kalymnos. He and Mattie spent a month climbing on the Island earlier this year. (More on this later) For year's I've noticed an overhanging plate of limestone high on the hill side in Pine Creek but have never taken the time to explore it. This morning, the light seemed to add a bit of additional motivation so i made it a point to stop by on my way home. I was not surprised to find another worthless pile of choss. It seems i could author an extensive book on my collection of choss finding experiences! Sometimes i get a good laugh at the many discoveries I've made in the great realm of choss. Often i wonder if I'm the positive attraction to the negative magnet of unclimbable rock! Regardless, the search for that one section of good stone will go on...

Heather and I leave Wednesday morning for Kalymnos and will return home on the 22nd of October... i hope that is enough time! Most of our trip will be on the Island and the last few days we'll explore the historic sites of Athens. Super excited to say the least. Rex and Mattie (Teton Mountaineering) have been so helpful and encouraging, not to mention some of then nicest people we've ever met. I can't thank them enough for their friendship over the years. Great and inspirational people for sure. In a recent email Mattie wrote..
And your blog will be my favorite already—with your self effacing humor and positivism—how could it not be? Those are powerful and revealing—it is neat to see you explore another avenue for creativity and expression.

I have a couple of friends who have met you while you were out climbing in the Tetons and have self described “man crush(es)” on you for who you are and how you are (humble, kind to others, filled with positivism) and the terrain you are getting after~! So I’m sure I will not be the only one who is psyched to hear what is going on in your head while you are out there pushing in the hills
She's so very nice. Thanks Mattie! I had a good laugh about the man crush comment! Just had to share it with others. Hope you don't mind.
Heather and I will spend the day with a few friends tomorrow at one of the local basalt crags, rest on Sunday, and have one final blowout at the gym on Monday night. I can't wait for BIG TUFA'S...