October 09, 2007

For real...

I ate an Octopus yesterday. A for real Octopus. Tentacles and all. Actually it was pretty good and not as rubbery as i have heard it to be. Perhaps because it was alive earlier that day, it was still tender...ewh. So much good food here it's hard to know where or what to eat. Our days consist of breakfast at home, lunch at the crag and dinner at one of the many restaurants on the main street of Massouri. We do miss Mexican food from Jalisco's and Cookie Monsters from Cragio's, but you're not going to see me complain!

Climbing has been amazing. We went back to the Grande Grotta today and did Priapos. I can't help but think this route is the best route i've ever climbed. Nearly 40 meters of roof climbing and a 30 meter lower off from the anchors. That's very steep if you do the math! There are some amazing no hands rests sitting atop of Tufa's and wrapping legs around stalactites. In between the rests are powerful boulder problems with a hard finish to that anchors. The anchor biner didn't work when i got there so it was a good thing i had one draw left. I didn't want to take the whipper over the lip of the cave. Trust me i, was scared! I almost got the flash ascent while hanging the draws, but i missed one key hold. The nice French man who chain smokes said it looked good and had a good laugh when i "screamed like an American" as i fell off. I guess that means like a girl?? Click on the image to the left to find Waldo. This is only a third of the way through the roof/route. Absolutely amazing.
I think we'll climb some moderate routes tomorrow and take a rest day on Wednesday before going back to the Grotta. Today is Heather's birthday and she is wanting Baklava later this evening. Ok, sounds good to me. A day in the Grotta makes us tired.