October 13, 2007


Thanks for all of the comments and posts you guys. It's been great to hear from you on the ole blog page. We look forward to reading every time. There is no computer services that will allow me to use my own laptop, so we've been at the mercy of public computers and 30 minute time limits this entire time. It's pretty hard to write meaningful posts with correct spelling and grammar after checking emails and weather forecasts. Thanks for putting with up my poor spelling and grammar. Our trip is quickly coming to an end. I think only 5 more days here before flying to Athens for a few days. Then home. It sounds like we completely missed Autumn and will come home to winter. Our Canadian friends have received news of over a meter of snow already in the Rockies. Pretty crazy. I did actually think about the mixed project in the Pahsimeroi yesterday. Maybe i could get the psych to get in there when i get home!

The other day coming down the hill from the Grotta, i slipped and fell; doing a hand plant right onto a cactus like bush. Needless to say i ended up with 50+ sharp burning pointy things stuck in my hand. It was so bad i could not climb yesterday. So we spent most of the morning picking out infected thorns from the palm of my hand. We were both pretty bummed about not climbing yesterday, but i did not want to aggravate my hand anymore than it already was. It was a good thing as both Heather and i were on top of our game today. Heather was climbing very strong on a few run out steep lines and i was able to flash a very impressive 7c+. I had wanted to do this route since it seemed similar to Karma Police at the Crank Cave back in Idaho. A bit shorter in length, and not quite as horizontal as Karma. I really wanted to compare this routes difficulty with my feelings that Karma might be 8a+ (5.13c). I was very surprised at how easy this 7c+ felt compared to Karma. Especially for me to get it first go. I do have a bit more confidence that Karma might actually be as difficult as my suggested grade for it. That would be pretty exciting!

It's been such a great experience for both Heather and I. We've made some amazing memories and new friends. Hopefully we'll see them again somewhere else in the future. Who knows, it is a small climbing world. This guy came up to me a week ago and said... "hey do you remember me? Odette introduced us at Maple Canyon a few years ago." Totally amazing. So i guess you never really know do you. We are looking forward to seeing family and friends in a few weeks, although i am not looking forward to sitting on a plane for another 18 hours!