October 26, 2007

occupational hazards

It seems like i hit the ground running when our flight touched down last week. Nearly a month away from event coordination efforts for Mammut and I'm definitely making up for it now! The Bozeman Ice Festival is just around the corner and efforts for Ouray are always time consuming. Not to mention compiling a master list of events for 2008 budget purposes. The weather has been nice so i broke free for a few hours of cragging with the gang and headed to Blackfoot Canyon yesterday. It felt great to be back home climbing on slick basalt! Other than yesterday and one night in the gym, i haven't had time for much else. Well, i guess that's not completely true. We hung the right wing on the plane this morning and will turn the engine over for the first time tomorrow. Excited about that to say the least! She's not gonna fly for a while though, there is still a lot of restoration to be done, but at least it looks like an airplane from the outside.

Hopefully next week I'll have some time to climb outside. There is a good chance the Root Canal on the north face of the Grand is in condition. Rick and JT are heading up on Sunday so I'll have some first hand info on conditions when they get back. The weather is looking pretty nice next week and I'm still motivated for rock climbing. We'll see what happens. I'm not sure I'm ready for being cold yet. Kalymnos wrecked my willingness for suffering to have fun. I hope I'll get it back soon...