October 03, 2007

three reasons to visit Kalymnos

Okay, so i haven't been completely honest with you guys. I didn't want you to feel bad so I've been posting a few boring climbing images, hoping that you'll say, oh, it's the same ole boring limestone slab that we in Idaho/Wyoming. After climbing the best routes of my life the other day, i can no longer keep the secret. Here are a few pic's of the terrain at the Grande Grotta.

The amount of traffic at the different sectors has been overwhelming. We tried getting up early to beat the crowds, but found out the Austrians have this dialed. Usually by 1pm, many of the routes are in the sun and it becomes too hot to climb effectively and the crags start clearing out. Most head back to their studios and get cleaned up, put on their good clothes and treat themselves to a nice dinner at one of the many fine restaurants on the main street in Massuri. We too have been following in suit, but on a whim we tried to climb in the afternoon instead of the morning. We were surprised to find very climbable temps after 3pm and can climb until the sun goes down. No lines, no language barriers with other climbers, just amazing climbing and our own weaknesses. The evening alpenglow creates a life on Mars effect as seen with two of the photos.

The weather is cooling down a bit so it has been very pleasant the last few days of climbing. Probably the reason why we can climb in the afternoon. I bet others will start to catch on to this idea as well. Today i spent part of the day fixing Moped's at one of the rental places. We are staying at Mike's Studio and they also rent Moped's. Maria needed some help and put me to work for free Moped rentals!! A good deal if i say so myself.

Back to my Grotta project tomorrow...