October 02, 2007

Tufa King Pumped

As with any climbing destination I've been to the route grades are not very consistent. We climbed many 6a's yesterday for our warm up and not a single one felt comparable. Regardless, it was inviting to not really know what you were going to get! Heather has been working on a route called Sevasti at the Iannis Sector. This route is rated 7b in the book and 7b+ in the updated paper copy. I missed the onight, but easily walked up it on my second go. The Tufa King Pumped is also at the same sector and was given an 7b original grade and a 7b+ in the book. These two routes are worlds apart in difficulty. It will take me a few more attempts to redpoint TKP. The route is beautiful with powerful underclings and a crimpy crux after you're mega pumped!

Heather is collecting rocks from the beach to bring home for her 4th graders. I have yet to find something fun to bring back to our families. The search goes on, but might have to wait until the last leg of our trip in Athens where there are more shops, unless every one wants a snorkel and swim fins from the Island of Kalymnos!
Not much to write today. We climbed late into the evening yesterday and slept in this morning. Heather wanted to try the English Breakfast at one of the restaurants (bad idea!) and now she's back at the studio recovering from the experience. I think it will be best to stick with the local dishes and not eat what is surely a recipe of English leftovers, ie. beans and franks, eggs, toast, bacon, mushrooms, and a tomato! Sounds yummy...

Looking out at the Tufa's and stalactites from inside the Grande Grotta. There is a climber center left for size perspective! Yes there are routes on the right side!

Near the top of Tufa King Pumped.

Heather going for the redpoint on Sevasti (7b)