October 07, 2007

We Climbed at a beautiful Sector called Zeus yesterday. Had the place to ourselves which is a huge change from many of the other Sectors. It seems all of Germany, Austria and England are all on Holiday right now. It's a good thing i took German in High School! We've Made fiends with a few of the Austrians who are projecting the 8b+ (The Dragon Devil) at Iannis sector. I will meet with them tomorrow and work on this as well. They are pretty close, and i have a bit of catching up to do. It's been really hard to project routes here as there are so many 7a to 7c+ (.12a - .13a)routes that are amazing. I had hopes of working on something a bit harder but just can't seem to find the motivation to work on a route more than a handful of times. We'll see what happens tomorrow and if i catch the projecting vision.

If my dad were a Greek fisherman, this would be him! I was sitting on our balcony yesterday morning eating breakfast when he drove by with his faithful hound. Luckily i had the camera right there with me. You never know what you're going to see! The power transformer on the large power pole outside of our apartment keeps blowing up at random times during the night. It's a pretty amazing fireworks show and sounds like bombs exploding! I wish there was a way to catch it on film.

The other day at the Market i realized the Greek people really know how to have a campfire weenie roast! Nat, if i can smuggle these bad boys through customs, we can have ourselves a serious feast at your place when we get home! They give a whole new meaning to "foot long"! These things are massive and made of real meat! Holly Crap...