November 11, 2007

bringin' the psych

Heather and I spent Friday at Crank Cave with Matt, Jerry, and Garon. I finished equipping the route Nat, Rick, and I started on Wednesday and did some final cleaning on it and my new warm-up route, Drug Train. Matt jumped on his project and took two hangs on his first go. Then Heather sussed out the moves on my newest project left of Karma Police while i hung out and took some photos. I think i'm pretty excited about this new cave route. The stone is really good and the movement flows once you lock into the sequence and find the knee bars! Check out The Spotlight section below and left for some additional information on the Crank Cave. This area of the Blackfoot River Canyon now offers thirteen routes including the most recent Drug Train 5.11a, Love to Burn 5.12+ (a traversing route from El Hefe 5.12a, to the Riff Raff anchors) Riff Raff 5.13-, and the recently red-pointed project, Soul Power 5.13- . It's really coming together.

Okay, back to the cave. Matt took another go on his project and with all of us cheering and yelling, he plowed onward; fighting gravity and the pump to get the red-point on what he is calling Soul Power (5.13a?)! Oh man, what a fight! We were all inspired to say the least. With the psych Matt brought, i jumped on my new route and fought for the red-point. At one point, Heather said, "At least sound like less of a girl if you're gonna scream." Okay well, what can i say... it helps me! So anyway, lots of fighting and screaming got me to the anchors. SWEET! Riff Raff (5.13a/b?) is born. Pretty exciting. The cave is really starting to take shape. It's amazing to see it transform into the vision i had for the place almost fifteen years ago.

Lock up your daughters and run for your life! I just got an email saying that the Ja Man (Jake) will be returning to Eastern Idaho this January. Holly Crap! Just when i thought things couldn't get any better with having strong partners around, it does! Not only a strong rock climber, Jake and I work very well in the alpine environment. He's definitely going to bring the psych for everyone to drink from. I can't wait! It won't be long before Jake and I resume the momentum Abe and I had a few years ago in the central mountains. Yee Haw!