November 06, 2007


A day spent equipping choss at Crank Cave is a day worth writing home about! The weather has been incredible for rock climbing. Yesterday i opened a nice pumpy 5.11 warm up i dubbed Drug Train. I've gained a bit of new vision after being in Kalymnos and am having a blast building art in the cave. Made some progress today on my latest monster piece, Love to Burn. You climb through the crux moves on El Hefe then break right for a horizontal journey into space! (photo)

Also today, Matt T. worked on the project line he equipped earlier this year. Oh man, it's brilliant! I can't wait to work on it a bit more after Matt gets the redpoint. I hope it's this year. (You can do it :-) I believe it will be one of those routes that will max out the FUN meter. Rock snobs beware! I gave it a go after bolting and a few thrashings on Love to Burn. His route beat me down for sure, but it left a huge smile on my face! Thanks Matt for all of the hard work you do for our community of climbers.