November 16, 2007

Metolius does it again

I had the chance to check these bad boys out this summer. Keep your eyes open for the new Master Cams. You won't be disappointed...

Master Cam™

With the most versatile offering of cams on the planet, Ultralight Power Cams,
TCUs, Offsets, Fat Cams and Supercams, why add a single-stem cam to our
line? The reason is that there is an infinite number of variables in the climbing
environment: hard rock, soft rock, parallel cracks, flared cracks, etc . . . Each
individual cam style excels at a certain set of variables. The Fat Cam’s wide
lobes greatly improve protection in soft rock while the TCU’s narrow head
widths greatly enhance placement versatility. The biggest advantages of the
single-stem unit are: they will fit into certain placements better than the
U-shaped body and the flexible, single cable reduces leverage to minimize
walking in certain placements. We set out to make the finest single-stem unit
we possibly could and the Master Cam is the result.

We made our Slider Nuts over 25 years ago, so we are no strangers to flexible,
single-stem designs. The Mater Cam combines a nice, flexy cable with an
ultra-narrow head for hard aid or free climbing. Since we invented the CNC
milled cam-stop, we naturally applied them to Master Cams. We also joined our
silky-smooth trigger assembly with an ergonomic thumb piece to provide
precise control over placement and retraction. The longer body affords
additional reach when top-stepping or stretching for that hard-to-get placement.
The Range Finder system also provides critical placement feedback for those
who need it. Master Cams are hand-built right here in our Bend, Oregon shop.
Each one is thoroughly inspected and every unit is tested to 5 kN. Master Cams
are CE and UIAA certified.