November 15, 2007

rust never sleeps

Not one to let things rest, I equipped another project at the Crank Cave just a few days after red-pointing Riff Raff. Nat and I drilled the new line yesterday and spent the afternoon today working out some of the sequences. One thing is for sure, the climbing at this area is so very cryptic. Body tension is King, power is Queen, and thinking is the Joker. I thought Karma Police had some pretty wild sequences, but as I'm finding out, this new project is much more thought provoking! Most of the routes at Crank Cave aren't your typical cave thuggery. I'm having to learn new movement concepts that stretch beyond my typical imagination. It's very exciting to have something make you smarter as well as stronger. I think that is why I've put the effort into equipping these new lines. People want to get stronger. I want to get smarter.

This is a fun wide angle photo i shot of Nat climbing Drug Train. Can you believe it's November, 15th??