December 01, 2007

Just one of those days

Working out the sequences on the latest Hyalite Canyon test pieces with mixed master Sean Isaac.

Local legend, Pete Tapley has been hard at work equipping new lines in the Bingo World Cave. Pete invited some of the athletes working at the Bozeman Ice Festival to give'm a go. Hands down, these routes are going to create a new chapter in the legacy of Hyalite Canyon. The past is the past, and the future is the way forward. Good on ya Pete and crew. I am honored to have experienced the rebirth of Hyalite climbing.

If i may quote Pete - " Hyalite has now arrived in the 1990's!"

It's days like today when my job seems so not fair... Who said office work sucks??

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HEATHER D said...

Dean, I think I am just a little bit jealous of your job. How the crap do you get away with ice climbing right now? That is what I dream of at night lucky bugger you.
Nice blog by the way!
Heather Williams

MikeM said...

Anything coming out of the center of that cave yet?

Dean Lords said...

Ohh yeah! Tapley's project goes from the very back of the cave, out the roof, and connects to the dagger at the center of it's backside. Another route that is currently not completely equipped is between Tapley's route and the one in the photo. There is talk of a few more lines to be equipped sometime in the near future! They are all very, very, very, hard...

Garon Miskin said...


What a great picture! The festival was so much fun. I sat around last night looking at some pictures of the Sceptre and was getting itchy to get on some more ice.

tolman said...

dean i didnt know you bloged , good to read it tho i hope is well and your finding new routs and adventers i know i am come visit my blog some time

tolman said...

by the way where is crank caves at ?