December 24, 2007

New Years Resolutions

It's tradition to make a New Years Resolution or two. Some ladies want to loose weight. Some guys want to work out more. Some of us want to climb stronger, travel farther, surpass a redpiont and/or onsight level. While all of these are worthwhile resolutions and are also on my list (except loosing weight!!) my resolution for 2008 will be to focus on a very large list of new routes and projects. This list includes many of the possible mixed alpine lines I've noticed in the central mountains of Idaho. And not just mixed climbing, I've been wanting to open a free route on the east face of Goat Mountain. I understand that weather and conditions are the largest components of success on many of the routes on my list, i hope this will be the year to get a few of these routes accomplished.

So instead of listing off a few of these possible routes, I'll go with some photos. Click on the image for a larger view and the red dots indicating what I'm looking at. The top image is a very foreshortened photo of Goat Mountains north face with its obvious dark drippy weakness dropping over a thousand feet from the summit! Also in the same range is Old Hyndman with a possible mixed line in the deep cleft on the west face (second photo).

The third image is a very steep mixed line on an unnamed peak in the Lost River Range. I've seen this line several times during different years proving that it is a re-occurring gem that will offer four or five pitches of really cool climbing only and hour from the car.

The east face of Goat Mountain (4th image) has mystified me from the very moment i first saw it in 1998. This face is remote, very steep, and composed of good quality stone. Not to mention it's massive! The center plumb I've had my eye on would be a series of strait in and corner cracks connected by bolt protected face climbing. Sounds like fun, eh!

I hope we all get worthwhile results form our New Years resolutions. Here's to having a chance in 2008...