January 05, 2008


It may not look like much to some of you, but to most of us here in the Upper Snake River Valley, this is light years ahead of the gym climbing curve! It is 25' of climbing from the back of the cave to the top of the feature with a total height of 14.5'. Once the obvious unfinished side wall is framed in and sheeted, you will have the option to start on the right wall, cross the overhang and top out on the other side also. So it's not gonna be just strait up and out the overhang. It's gonna offer so much more!

I'm off to Ouray, Colorado until the 15th. Part of me wishes i didn't have to go so i could finish up the remainder of the work. However, the other part of me really needs a break and ice/mixed climbing in Ouray will be just what the doctor ordered.