January 04, 2008

getting close

Several of us have been working night and day to get the new terrain built at the Sticks and Stones gym. We are getting close. I am looking forward to getting it done so i can sleep. If I'm not at the gym framing with friends, I'm at home figuring out how to rework the unsuccessful ideas. This usually consumes me late at night.

I'll wait to try and explain what we're building when i can add a photo to help. As it stands, the new terrain is one massive cave feature that will offer up to twenty some odd feet of steep bouldering. Basically... IT KICKS BUTT! Likely the bouldering crowd will think it's too long since it will offer more than six moves. What do you expect from someone who prefers to climb routes when it comes to building bouldering terrain!

I haven't had time for anything else. The gym needs to be finished by the time i leave for Ouray on Monday. It's looking like it will, but it's still gonna take some long days.