February 03, 2008

life in a northern town

I returned from Ouray several weeks ago to the on going winter of 2008 in eastern Idaho. Spent a week in SLC for Outdoor Retailer and just barely made it home before another series of storms closed roads and made traveling miserable to impossible. Heather flew to Boise a week ago and was barely able to return on Wednesday. I've spent most of the week playing tractor boy to keep the access road to our house passable.

I have only had a few days of ice climbing near my home this year. There is a good chance this will be one of my least consistant winters for ice climbing. Utah is having one of the best years in a very long time, but i have not been able to make it down there to climb. The boys trip to Cooke City at the end of this month could be challenging with all of the snow in that area also. Likely the avalanche danger could keep us from climbing many of the routes we had hopes of doing. Perhaps a change in destination is in order...hmm, something to think about.

I have been able to get into the gym a few times this week, which has helped keep my sanity somewhat. I sure am in the mood for an adventure though. I'm not complaining. This spring could be the best yet for mixed routes in central Idaho. Only time will tell. Maybe i should actually go skiing??