February 08, 2008

a momentary lapse of reason

There's that old saying... "If you can't beat them, you might as well join them." Basically it's a call for evelution. It has been nearly impossible for me to get out ice climbing this winter. The sheer amount of snow on the ground is only the beginning. Wind. More storms. More wind. Closed roads. It's all part of the master plan to see how adaptive i can be.

I think the last time i put skis on with the soul purpose of going down hill... for fun... sans pack full of climbing goodies and actually had fun was five or six years ago in Jackson. It's not that i don't like skiing. I just like climbing a whole lot more. And there are only so many days to ice climb in the winter, so why use them up by skiing??

The honest side of this story is that i feel like i've been missing out on just how much fun skiing really is and that i've been wanting to do more of it the last few winters. Partly for fun, partly for the exercise, and partly for the excuse to be outside in winter.

A few days ago, i just decided to go up to the local ski hill about ten minutes from my house and skin up to the top and make a few runs. I followed someone's tracks up and to the right of the resort, venturing into an area that i had not ever been before. Once on the top of the ridge, a beautiful slope dotted with sparce trees dropped back into the drainage which now seperated me from the west edge of the ski resort. The skins came off and i blasted down the untouched hillside back to the cat track at the bottom.

Yup, i'm hooked! I've been back for a total of three sessions this week to get my heart rate up, clear my mind and spend some time with friends who love winter and ski/snowboard more than they ice climb. There is a purpose for my momentary lapse in desire to ice climb right now. What that is, i don't know yet. Some people say that absense makes the heart grow fonder. And i'm a big believer in following your motivation. So for this week i joined the ranks of amature AT skier.

I'm excited to see what will motivate and inspire me next week...