March 04, 2008

tomorrow is a long time if you're a memory

Heather at the Walrus - Dam Boulders
You know, I'm just not someone who usually gets excited about bouldering. I would rather spend time in the gym than go bouldering outside. Now, with that being said, I've learned you should never say never!

About four years ago, Heather and I along with a few motivated friends spent some time bouldering at a new area in the Teton River Canyon. We all had a lot of fun working on problems, hanging out, socializing, and encouraging others during their attempts. That's bouldering right!? Winter brought ice climbing and other motivations and by spring the crew we had been climbing with moved on to various other life adventures. Since our close friends were our climbing partners and no longer in the area, Heather and I packed up the van and spent the summer visiting far away climbing area's we hadn't been to. In the wake of this mass exodus, the Teton River exploration faded into old photos and a few good stories. Like the time when Wild Man Eli and his two passengers accidentally jumped the 4-wheeler off the dam... in the dark! Classic Idaho adventure at it's finest...

Chick Rock is cool for a good reason - Dam Boulders
The years in between brought less local motivation for us, so our climbing adventures were spent other places. I even considered moving from eastern Idaho just to be around other climbers and new terrain. As a matter of fact, Heather took a job teaching school in Twin Falls, but for some reason, i just could not pull the plug. I new something needed to change but was it really our location? So obviously i chickened out and we didn't move to Twin. Last year things started turning around for us. Mostly due to Matt TeNgaio's new route motivation in the area and my new motivation to start establishing sport routes again. (thanks Matt!)

In relation to this winter and the abundant snow, this winter ended the drought for eastern Idaho, more specifically, the upper Snake River Valley in terms of climbers and motivation; along with the return of our close friends. Not only do i see evolution about to take place in eastern Idaho, I'm motivated to go bouldering...outside! Our weekly gym sessions have been nothing shy of inspirational and i look forward to rekindling the movement at the Dam Boulders with our new friends and the old hats who are back in town along with other legends getting back at it. The return of the old school gang from the days that use to be is something i have longed for since life took them to other places. Let's just say a couple of the original members of The Hold on the Wall Gang have either been pardoned by the Governor, or busted out with guns a blazin'. Either way, things are gonna get done this year!

Crash pads. Good movement. Bon-fires, and new motivation will be a very worthwhile focus this spring in the Teton River Canyon. I am excited to spend time with the new crew: Kyle, Emily, Mike, Alli, Chad Sr., Chad Jr., Phil, Heather, Nat, Matt, Jerry, Brian, Megan, Beth, Justin, Jordan, Rick, Garon, Misha, Ben, Jennalyn and a few others who I'm forgetting at the moment. Get your approach shoes out, grab the snake charmer (code word for pistols, rifles are better, or long sticks to chase off the rattlesnakes from the base of the boulders... come on it's Idaho - guns are cool!), and put your game faces on. As soon as the snow melts, we'll get after it...

Get psyched and work hard today, you know what they say about tomorrow...