March 23, 2008

week in review

Not much happening this last week. Heather and I have been busy packing boxes and moving them into our new old house across the street. We are excited for the move and look forward living in our new place. We should be done moving by the time i leave for Red Rocks on Wednesday.

The weather hasn't been great so we continue to climb in the gym. Lots of motivation from Chad, Justin and a few of the ladies. The boys are working on enduro links ups in the cave. Only resting at an inverted knee-bar to keep it realistic! Lots of fun. The ladies are piecing together some of the harder boulder problems and getting good at making long moves for their short stature. Sven was able to get the crux on my hardest route there and is now trying to get it from the ground. Good job Sven!

Several of us did a nice full moon skin and ski session the other night on Kelly Mountain. That was a lot of fun despite the bullet proof snow. I was very glad my edges were sharp! I also picked up a new pair of AT boots that made all the difference too! If you're looking for ski stuff, check out Peaked Sports in Driggs. They are great people and have some killer deals going right now.

Last and definitely not least; Scott, Garon, and Mike climbed 11308 via the Northwest Ridge yesterday. They had a great time wandering up that exposed ridge in variable conditions. John Schutz and I climbed this ridge in February of 1995 which was likely the first ascent. I have fond memories of this climb and excited to see others climb it and to report it to be enjoyable. The climb is not difficult by technical standards, but is continually exposed along a knife edge corniced ridge. The views of Borah, Sacajawea, and Mt, Idaho are spectacular!

Oh, and i added a few other photos to REFLECTIONS for your viewing pleasure.