April 12, 2008

round two

After a not so great day at Targhee on Thursday due to an accident which resulted in two fractured vertebrate (not me), Justin and I headed back up to Stouts Mountain on Friday with Brent and Marc. It snowed most of Wednesday and Thursday so we wanted to check out another one of many amazing lines on the northeast face of Stouts. I've skied 20" powder days at Targhee this year which paled in comparison to what the four of us experienced on Friday. No ski tracks and 2K of vertical relief in the best snow I've skied all year, well since i started skiing in February.
I've really enjoyed skiing this year as an in between seasons activity. It's been much better on my body than running and definitely adds the fun factor. I'm excited for the little bit of extra physical fitness I'll have for several of my alpine projects this spring!
It's warm today and several friends went rock climbing. The season is upon us. I leave for Smith Rocks on Monday for one week, then down to Ogden for a poster signing invitation at the new Jeff Lowe climbing facility. Home for a few days of Lost River ghost chasing, then off to Moscow for a slide show at the Palouse Climbing Festival. Then off to the New River Gorge in West Virginia during the middle of May.
Yee Haaa...