April 20, 2008

wings, wagons, and powerdrills

Troy (Mammut Sales Rep) and I finished up our Mammut Dealer Camp at Smith Rocks and had some time to go flying. A large crew of us jetted off to the Pine Ridge launch site to catch the late afternoon thermals. We flew for an hour and a half in great conditions; good lift and not too turbulent! What a sweet way to spend an evening after climbing at Smith Rocks all day.

I also spent some time touring the Metolius factory in Bend, OR. I walked away with an even stronger belief in Metolius after seeing just how "American" they still are. The dream of gear for climbers built by climbers is still alive at Metolius. Do yourself a favor and preserve the nostalgia of the American dream by supporting Metolius.

I was on my way to Ogden, UT when the transmission went out in my van. I'm afraid that the repair costs will likely cut into my trip funds for Italy this fall. It happens i suppose. Keep movin' on.

I'm looking forward to being home for a few days very soon. Lately I've become obsessed with development at my newest crag, The Eye in the Sky. Chad and Justin are psyched and on board to help with the equipping labors involved on such steep routes. More so, they are psyched to unlock the movement and I'm excited to spend the time with them working hard. I'm looking forward to what The Eye in the Sky is going to offer.