May 05, 2008

dam boulders

Went out to the Dam Boulders with Beth Avinius, Heather Hanamaikai and their kids this afternoon. Let me tell you, i bet we looked like some sort of polygamist group gone wrong! Kids crying, baby strollers and car seats strewn about. Snacks and sippy cups in every direction. Now i have some religion in my life, but not that kind of religion so don't read into anything! We just went bouldering... It worked out well though and we had good time. With three of us we could chase kids, handle damage control situations and climb. It's a good thing it's bouldering, i think we'd need a few more adults around if we actually tied and got off the ground! I can't wait for my Heather to be done with school so i can climb with her during the day. Don't get me wrong, i really enjoy climbing with others as i feel like it keeps a much needed balance, but i sure like climbing with my Heather too.
I haven't been to the Dam Boulders in many years and had forgotten how much fun that place is. It's kinda like being a kid again with so many places to explore and climb around on. I hope more people will take the time to check it out. It did get a bit dirty since it likely hasn't seen any traffic in four years. I look forward to going back very soon. The place is pretty fun...