May 03, 2008

the theory

Justin, Nat, and I spent the afternoon yesterday working on Conspiracy Theory at my new crag called the Eye in the Sky. I walked away both excited and frustrated at the same time. It will definitely be a project for some time to come. At this point it is feeling harder than Wave of Mutilation and Karma Police at the Crank Cave, and once we equip the extension onto the upper head wall, Conspiracy Theory could be really, really hard!! Very exciting.

The route has some very distinct caricaturists and offers more than just pulling down. Bat hangs, heel/toe cams, and the occasional hand jam in a near horizontal world are all part of the movement. We got chewed up and spit off with only making cohesive movement on one third of the route. The rest of it consists of awkward off-width like moves through a pod in the ceiling to a very powerful sequence near the end of the cave.

I'm excited about the new crag but I'm wondering if my interest will change once the snow melts and i can start work on another limestone wall i discovered tucked away in Palisades Creek. Only time will tell!