May 11, 2008

too much fun

I got a call from photographer and friend, Nathan Smith late last week asking if Heather and I could join him on a photo assignment for Rock and Ice Magazine. After Nathan filled me in on what he was hoping to do, i thought it would be worthwhile and much more appropriate to get Mike McClure and Tammy Stowe involved. Besides, this would be a great opportunity for Heather and I to spend some time climbing with Mike and Tammy. Perfect!

We spent several days running around to different areas climbing, laughing, and getting inspired watching Mike and Tammy get after it. All the while, Nathan was shooting photos. Most people know I'm not super into bouldering, but after spending a few days with Mike and Tammy, both Heather and I were so inspired and could see how much we need to add bouldering to our climbing. After trying a few things that Mike made look effortless, i realized if i want to get stronger, i need to get serious about bouldering and combine that with my endurance sport climbing. I'm excited. Now i just need to get past the minor injury i acquired while bouldering!! Funny, but that is one of my reasons to avoid bouldering - i don't want to nurse injuries related to bouldering.

I'm headed to 11,308 tomorrow with Justin, then flying to Vermont on Tuesday. This will pretty much take up my month of May.