June 11, 2008

South Park

Heather searching for the answers on Who Killed Kenny.

Matt TeNgaio checking out the movement on my most recent route Scuzzlebutt.

Scuzzlebutt was a creature that Eric Cartman originally made up in a campfire story in the episode "Volcano". According to the story, he lives on the mountain and kills anyone who dares to climb to the top, because he likes the taste of blood and likes to add pieces to his deformed body. He has a piece of celery for one of his hands and one of his legs is replaced with Patrick Duffy. He weaves wicker baskets as a hobby. To Cartman's surprise, the creature was real. Scuzzlebutt saved the day by helping Cartman, Kyle, Stan, Jimbo and Ned cross a river of lava. Kenny was hit by the lava rock and died on the other side of the lava river.

Following his heroics, Scuzzlebutt was shot in the head by Stan Marsh. Stan did this because he was under pressure by his Uncle Jimbo to hunt and kill any animal he saw. Afterwards, Jimbo said, "Stan, some things you kill, and some things you don't. See?" To which Stan replies, "No."
An alternate version of Scuzzlebutt was featured in "City on the Edge of Forever". Instead of Patrick Duffy, this Scuzzlebutt has Brent Musburger for a leg, and instead of wicker baskets, he makes ice cream (ice cream was a running joke in the episode).
The name "Scuzzlebutt" is a play on the word "scuttlebutt", a slang term for gossip.