July 30, 2008

the fear is almost here

Sir, yes Sir...

OK guys and girl,

I’ve finally gotten everything together on my end so I could get you guys the final details. Pay attention, you will see this material later…(sorry, one of my favorite expressions from military school)

Arrival in Salt Lake
Dean – 5 Aug.
Sean – 6 Aug
Sarah – 5/6 Aug
Chris – Already there

Hotel Rooms
Sean- we already spoke about this and you are all set. The room will be under your name and available for you on Aug. 6th

Dean & Sarah
Mammut Switzerland is sending two of their athletes over from Europe to compete in the bouldering comp. I am going to have each of you share a room with one of the athletes. Could be kind of nice for you guys to spend a little time with these cats. You know, athlete to athlete stuff.
Dean – your room will be available starting 5 August till 12 Aug. and your roomie will be Jonas Baumann from Germany. Feel free to spend whatever nights you want in that room, I know you have options. The room is under Jonas’ name.
Sarah – your room will be available starting 5 Aug till 12 Aug. and your roomie will be Nina Caprez from Switzerland. Same as Dean, the room is there for you so feel free to use it as you see fit. The room is under Nina’s name.

Work Schedule
Dean – 6 Aug (booth set-up), 7-8-9 Aug (comp)
Chris – 6 & 7 Aug (booth set-up)
Sean – 7 Aug (booth set-up), 8-9 TBD
Sarah – 6 Aug (booth set-up), 7-8-9 Aug (comp)

We’ve also got a few things going on with the Rock & Ice climbing wall that will involve all three of you (Sean, Dean & Sarah), I’ll bring you guys up to speed on that stuff once we are all in Salt Lake. I apologize in advance, but it will probably require some running back & forth between the comp site and the Salt Palace.

That’s about it for now. I leave for Utah on Friday and will be there working with Pete over the weekend. Anyone driving in from places that have real beer, if you bring me some you are first on the list for a raise next year! Call me (cell-###-###-####) if you have any issues or questions, see you in Salt Lake.


Ian Connor
Marketing Services Coordinator
Mammut Sports Group, Inc. - USA
Mammut / Raichle / Toko / Climb High
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Oh man, do i love the summer Outdoor Retailer! Last year it required a month of wicked Tufa climbing in Greece to recover from the madness we've created with the Nationals Comp on top of the Shilo Inn. I don't think i slept more than 10 hours the entire 9 days i had obligations at both O.R. and the Nationals Comp. If you didn't make it last year, you missed out, but this year will be even bigger and better! Prepare to be wowed!

I think I'll need two months of recovery this year. Maybe Malaysia this time??