July 16, 2008

half and half

Our time in Riggins is quickly coming to an end. It's Wednesday and we're taking a half day rest then meeting up with Matt TeNgiao this afternoon to get him going in the cave. Chad, Heather, and I are super excited to have Matt join us for our final days here! We know he's gonna crush things with a huge smile on his face.

I am so close to sending John Deere it's scary! I had the route down to two hangs by my 5th attempt and nearly had it yesterday. There is a boulder problem redpiont crux above the last bolt going to the pod where the route joins with Tractor Boy. I can't pull on two of the small crimps so I'm skipping them with a wild up and left dyno to catch a slightly larger but slopping crimp. My feet cut loose on this as i push off with my right and have to catch a left foot hold almost a body length away! Sharma would be proud of this move. I nailed it yesterday but my belayer was so psyched he forgot to give me some slack to make a quick cross through move to a better hold. My hand went for the hold but my hips where held in place by the rope and then i fell off!! Ohh man, it was awesome to be that close!

Heather is doing really well on Chicken Dinner but has become side tracked with the really fun movement of Tractor Girl. We'll see what happens. Chad continues to push his high point closer to the chains on Chicken Dinner, and has Tractor Girl down to three hangs! We are abandoning our desire for beach life at Shorts Bar for a more committed focus by camping at the parking lot for the cave. This should be a good thing since our time is coming to an end.

We're happy and healthy. Thanks for all of the supportive emails, text messages, and comments on the blog. It makes all of the difference!