July 06, 2008

Riggins and beyond

I know several of you guys and gals are hoping to meet up with Heather and I while in Riggins. So I'll give some driving directions on the ol' blog. These directions are taken from Riggins Limestone by Sandy Epeldi:

From Boise:
The drive from Boise takes about 3.5 hours. From Boise, take Hwy 55 to New Meadows and then Hwy 95 almost to Riggins. About a quarter mile before Riggins, turn left onto Squaw Creek Road. There is a sign marking the intersection that reads "Seven Devils Campground 17 miles".
From Riggins:
Drive a couple of miles up Squaw Creek Road to a fork with Seven Devils Road. Go left on the steep and windy Seven Devils Road and start looking for mileage markers that are posted along the road-side. Just before the 9-mile marker is a short spur road at which the trail to the Amphitheater begins.
The Approach:
The trail begins at the spur road that cuts off to the right from the Seven Devils Road just before the 9-mile marker. Look for a small tree near the beginning of this spur road that marks the start of the trail. The trail begins by descending into a clearing where the route might be obscured by cattle trails. The path should lead you past a burned out stump to a very tall lone ponderosa pine. From this tree, the route trends left toward the far end of the obvious saddle. From the saddle, the trail drops to the left through dense forest and is easy to follow. Soon you will come to a steep section with a fixed rope. this part of the trail is exposed and not recommended for youngsters and pets. Next the trail meanders through ledges and odd rock formations and drops steeply to the Amphitheater. This approach takes less than 15 minutes.

Depending on availability we will either be camped at a nice spot with a picnic table around mile maker 7 or at the campsite located on the spur road just before the 9-mile marker where the trail to the Amphitheater begins. Just look for our grey Malibu, not the white mini-van. We won't have cell service at the crag or at camp, but we will likely visit the beach in Riggins often so you can leave a message if needed.

If you do come up for a few days, you'll need to bring all of your own car camping things like stove, tent, your own food, and expensive root beer for me and Heather! Food is available in Riggins if you need to purchase anything, like ice for you cooler to keep the root beer's cold!! Also, for a bit of motivation and inspiration, check out Mike McClure's awesome website, http://www.climbidaho.com/ and check out the Riggins section of the site. Just chalk up before you start as it will likely make your palms sweat. Drive safe and we'll see you there. Oh and don't forget your bikini's and cut-off jean shorts for classic Riggins beach life.

and beyond:
It always happens to me. I have a trip coming up and i find something that i want to stay here for. The other day a few of us hiked up to our local back country lakes and of course to do a bit of recon! I noticed this beautiful 100ft tall overhanging prow of good limestone with much potential. This sector along with several other worthy walls on the same cliff band are just a half hour from the car, face north, and could host dozens of routes! I guess it will have to wait until mid August though. So for now I'll just obsess about it!