August 17, 2008

another boring post

Heather and I spent yesterday afternoon at Crank Cave with several friends. I was blown away at how difficult the routes felt for us. Other than our standard warm up routes, we got completely shut down! It felt really good to work so hard on routes that felt obtainable last year. I admit, we really haven't spent any time at the cave this year and the super bouldery nature of the place really kicked out butts! I did link the Wave of Mutilation into Karma Police. I need to finish equipping the headwall for WOM to finish off the route. As it stands, the link into Karma Police is very worth while with some cool double knee-bar action!

Life is quickly getting back to normal after a very crazy week in SLC. The comp went well and the O.R. Show was a lot of fun. Highlights from the week are: several hundred dollars of sushi at Tukashi's, seeing many friends, working hard, and staying out super late. There are a ton of photos and the comp results on the Internet. Just do some googling!

I hope to have a little more time the next few weeks to put some actual effort into posting on the blog. It seems many of the posts have been idle filler. I have a lot of things to share, but just haven't had the time. We'll see what happens!