August 06, 2008

comp wall

John Stack really built a piece of art. Here is a little view of what's going on! I will have a few more photos after the comp on Saturday so you can get the full value of the master piece.

Things here in SLC are running smoothly. No real hick-ups thus far and it looks like things should run like a fine watch for the comp. I've been able to spend a few minutes with some of my outdoor industry friends. It is always good to get caught up on each others successes and works in progress. I am always inspired by what others are doing and these few days twice a year really bring back some much needed focus.

Heather is climbing in Maple Canyon for the next few days with several of her girlfriends. I wish i could be there but I'm glad she's able to have "a Ladies" trip this summer. I'm sure they'll get a lot done over the next few days. I am looking forward to seeing her and many of our other friends on Saturday.

This might be one of the only nights i can get some actual sleep, so it's lights out for me....