August 24, 2008

down for the count

Fire on the Mountain! Okay, just the sun setting behind Saddle Mountain in the Lemhi Range. Heather and I have been walking the hills just east of our house in the evenings. The trail we walk takes us up the hillside above the Snake River and Cottonwoods to several overlooks. It's a great quick fix for a nice walk in the woods and continually reminds us why we live where we do. The Snake River flows to the west from our house and the Lost River and Lemhi Mountains Ranges stand tall and proud on the other side of the valley. It's something special to watch the sun burn down into those beautiful mountains in the evening only to rise again over the Tetons.

Heather is back in school. She has 27 4th graders this year! Which is up from 21 last year. She's excited as always! Mike Shaw, Emily Poulsen, Heather Hanamaikai and I have been visiting South Park in the mornings for our routine fitness sessions. It's been good. The bugs are quickly going away which makes for a bit more enjoyment!

On Friday i was at our airplane hanger in St. Anthony helping my dad and brothers remove a wing from one of the planes. It shifted while i was underneath it and i took a big jolt to my spine. It didn't hurt instantly, but a few hours later i had some very noticeable pain in my lower back. I've been taking it easy for the weekend hoping it's nothing serious, but I'm afraid I'll need to visit the doctor tomorrow. I'm trying to play it cool, but i can't help but think of the long term problems this could create if it is in fact serious. Keep your fingers crossed that it's only muscle and not discs.