August 31, 2008

it's just a Dam Boulder - festival

Ben sent out an email a few days ago, suggesting that we all get together at the Dam Boulders for an evening session during the Labor Day weekend. Great idea i thought! So we headed out there yesterday afternoon with a large gang of friends. I do have to say, those of you who got the invite and weren't able to make it, well you really missed out on a great time. Bon fires. Hot dogs. Marshmallows. And lots of screaming, fighting, and sending! Ben, Jennilyn, and Chad Sr. had not been to the Dam Boulders before. All left that evening having pulled hard, sent some of the problems, and found the need to return to finish off other problems they could not do. I sometimes feel there isn't that much out there to do, but every time i go out there, i stumble across something new. The more i try and boulder in other locations, the more i see things differently at the Dam Boulders and the more i realize there is still a lot to do. Vision is the key to finding harder things out there. Which happened to me during the last minutes of fading sunlight. I hopped over a section of boulders to use the little boys room and discovered three very cool problems. Two will be very difficult and one will be really fun. I'm very excited to go back and work on them as soon as i feel a little bit better about pulling hard and not injuring my back.
Speaking of the ol' back. I was able to get into the Doc on Monday. I am happy to say it doesn't appear that i have done anything permanent. It will be several weeks of mild pain and discomfort until things get better. It could have been a lot worse and I'm grateful that it wasn't. I've been able to do a few hours of easy climbing a couple of days this week. It feels good to hang and stretch my back muscles, but it makes me pretty sore in the evening. It's getting better though. I bouldered a little bit and was even able to repeat a double mono crux sequence on a super fun V6/7 without any pain in my back!
We have some bad weather in the forecast the next few days. Precip and cold temps will likely bring the first snows of the season in the high peaks tomorrow! I'm excited for winter. I always am. I know it's a long time in coming still, but at least we'll be able to start ice climbing up high in just a few short weeks!