October 03, 2008

The Devil made me do it!

Bloody hands. Bruised feet. Smiles from ear to ear. The climbing at Devils Tower is very special. My memories from this trip will last a life time and then some. The crew including the infamous, Frank Sanders, at the Devils Tower Lodge have become friends to the bitter end. Nightly entertainment piano and guitar jam sessions, along with stimulating conversations of climbing history's past seem to be the norm around the Lodge. We've been taken in, treated kindly, and well looked after. It's almost difficult to leave this place.
The "power of the Tower" opened it self up to us this week. Christine came into her own yesterday; climbed flawlessly on many difficult routes. I found my groove today. Nathan captured some very memorable moments through out the week too. This trip has been very good for me. I've learned a lot about myself and how i deal with frustrating situations. I see a path to improve in this aspect.
Today Nathan, Christine and I spent our time climbing routes on the Towers northeast face. Inbetween pitches we hung out on a nice ledge a few hundred feet off the ground listening to music and soaking up the sunshine. At times we laughed uncontrollably at each other trying to talk like we were British. The trees and and colored landscape spread out before us in a surreal environment. For a time it was one of those moments you wished wouldn't end. It seems silly. Three friends, hanging out, laughing, soaking up the sun tied to the side Devils Tower. Doesn't really sound like one of those moments, but you just had to be there.
We leave for Lander tomorrow afternoon. I'm excited to see Heather and sad to leave this place. Life marches on at an uncontrollable speed. The next page in only a few words away.