October 17, 2008

i know you want this...


Two door Bibler Eldorado, which apparently they don't make anymore. It includes a vestibule and custom ground cloth. It has been fully seam sealed and all guy lines are attached (better than new as you have to do these things yourself). The tent has been used a total of 11 nights, all in summer weather. It would be hard to tell this from a brand new tent. Today's cost new for a single door with vestibule and ground cloth is $738. My price $450 plus UPS shipping if needed.

If you're interested, please contact me at deanlords@gmail.com


John said...

Nice! Great tent! I'd grab it but I already have a single door one.

You know what I want? Some posts on what you are doing to get ready for ice season! Training workouts please!

Dean Lords said...

Hey John!

Yeah...about training. I guess i should start, eh! I noticed Gadd's got a good blog going about training.

I've got a few things to post about but mostly i'm just climbing in the gym several nights a week and trying to get outside during the days when the weather is good. Cardio is not happening for me right now as i'm fighting some weird knee thing and don't want to agrivate it any more. I'm hoping a few more weeks and it won't be an issue. Keep your fingers crossed!