October 25, 2008

The Midget Widget Wall

That's me on the first ascent of The Widget of OZ
This is a perfect overhanging hand size splitter that ends in a sweet off-width. Steep the whole way! You'll want a big cam for the off-width...

Heather Lords on the first ascent of World Wide Widget
Great hands and fists to either an off-width finish or a face traverse to a thin hands finish.

Well it ain't Indian Creek, Fremont Canyon, or Trout Creek. It's pretty short, a little bit dirty, and will likely be infested with Rattlesnakes in the heat of the summer, but it is in Idaho and less than fifteen minutes from my front door. There are dozens of potential routes offering a style of climbing not found anywhere nearby. Midget Widget is a perfect name for this area as it is somewhat short and the focus for now will be on the splitter cracks which are unique to our local offering.
Heather and I are really excited for the much needed change of pace from sport climbing to the comical futzing around with widgets (slang for trad gear!) at this new area. The south and west aspect of the cliff will provide the needed solar warmth for the next few months before the road gets snowed in.
The widget invasion continues!