October 07, 2008

the unwritten future

Well, I'm home from Devils Tower. What an amazing experience. My drive home proved eventful. A raging blizzard on Towgatee Pass, three almost head on collisions with large animals in the road at the north end of Teton National Park, and a very meaningful reunion with an old friend in Jackson Hole. Outside of the new friendships i gained while at Devils Tower i came home with new hope about past events in my life. I cannot change the things I"ve done in the past that have effected someone in a negative way, but I can put an honest effort into making a positive difference with the unwritten future. I look forward to this new direction with my old friend and hope that together we can make a positive difference in both of our lives in the years to come.

"Well, i've been thinking about the future
Too young to pretend.
Such a waste, to always look behind you
You should be looking strait ahead.
Yeah, i'm gonna have to move on
Before we meet again
Yeah its hard, if you had of only seen
Take control, don't be afraid to bleed"