November 01, 2008

Photo Guide - Midget Widget

Some of the locals have been asking me what this Midget Widget Wall is all about and more so, what's a widget? They say a picture is worth a thousand words... Any questions?

I thought it would be fun to do a small photo guide to the Midget Widget Wall. Likely it's better than a written topo which would basically say... "Twenty-five foot crack route. Bring trad gear." I also thought it would be fun to showcase the local crew that has been psyched on the new development. These are some of the guys and gals who make climbing and exploring around home so worthwhile.The climbing is short but fun. It's easy to use pockets and other face features if you don't know how to jam the cracks, but it's worth taking the time to learn how! I'll let the photos do the talking. So here you go...

Mike Shaw on Three Piece Chicken Widget Meal

Emily Poulsen on Three Piece Chicken Widget Meal

Brian Wood flashing Get Jiggy Widget

Emily Poulsen battles the Wicked Widget of the West

Wicked Widget of the West

Garon M. on Little Widgets

Heather Lords knows that Widgets are for Kids

Widgets are for Kids

Heather Lords soaks up Idaho on Bitchin' Widget

TCU pirate, Jerry Painter on Bitchin' Widget

Ben Eaton wondering if he's Got Widgets?

Location: From Hwy. 26 turn south onto the Ririe Reservoir Road. Continue past the dam and boat ramps. After a few miles the road splits. The right hand fork drops down into Meadow Creek while the left road continues along the top of the canyon. Park in the large parking area where the road forks. Walk east along the rim of the canyon until you reach a cairn. From this point drop over the rim and down the hill side where you will find a climbers trail. Follow this to the left, staying above the Meadow Creek Road. Look for anchors after a hundred yards.

Some helpful tips: We don't have any suggestions on the routes difficulty, so you get what you get! Also keep in mind the routes are short and if you decide to run it out you are likely going to hit the ground if you fall. The climbing isn't that hard but it is basalt and things break off all of the time.

The first route you'll encounter is Get Jiggy Widget followed by Bitchin' Widget. A short walk around the corner will bring you to Got Widgets? which is identified by a single bolt protecting the loose mud-stone start. Two bolts protect the top of this route and Widgets are for Kids which is the next crack to the right. A nice face with deep pockets to the right of Widgets are for Kids is protected with TCU's in a thin crack to the left of the face. This is Little Widgets. Another short walk will bring you to Three Piece Chicken Widget Meal. Just right of this route is Wicked Widget of the West which climbs the inside corner. Step around the corner to the right and you'll notice the obvious splitter of The Widget of OZ.

I doubt this place is worth traveling very far for most climbers. Have i mentioned it's short? Perhaps it's late in the climbing season and as usual, I'm pretty burned out on sport climbing now. I've found some adventure and a venue to get more comfortable with crack climbing, so I'm not gonna complain about the height of the routes. It is what it is and at least we have some new terrain to explore in a style of climbing not found in the immediate area. I'm psyched, and i hope you'll find it too when you check this place out.