November 27, 2008

Giving Thanks

At the end of August i added a site hit counter to The Indulgence. Three months have past and according to the counter this site has been viewed 5350! That might not seem like a huge number compared to some, but for me, i am surprised to see this much traffic. Much to my suprise I've received emails from climbers and adventurers in Europe and Asia (not to mention here in North America) who have become dedicated followers of The Indulgence. Often they share their gratitude for me sharing information and offering some sort of inspiration in climbing. In a world filled with ego, elitism, and posturing, i am greatful to hear readers of this blog find an absence of these modern climbing atributes and hope that i can be that guy who continues to climb 5.13 routes just as easily and as often as i fall off of 5.10 routes - and can share those human moments with all who view this blog.

When i started The Indulgence i saw it as a way for me to keep friends and family in the loop of my increasingly busy life of climbing, traveling, and the meaningful experiences i gain along the way. And to share photos and stories of inspiration from places and people whom I'm inspired by. As the user base has grown to people i have have only been in contact with via email - and others i have never met before, i hope that i have and can continue to provide that very thing i conceived of last year when i started blogging.

Thanks to all of you who find something worthwhile here and continue to come back often. Climbing and exploring have blessed my life with such great memories and life long friends; two things i value in life as much as family and so much more than money. Heather and I manage to get buy in life, financially speaking, but we both feel rich having the opportunity to do what we love and share those experiences with people willing to spend the time with us. Both Heather and I look forward to much more in the years to come and true to what The Indulgence is, I'll continue to share those meaningful, funny, and inspirational experiences here.

Happy Thanksgiving...

My two exploring companions, Scott Stevens and Rick Williams
taking in the scenery while we explored the
East Fork of Wildhorse Creek a few years ago.
Pioneer Range, Idaho.