November 12, 2008

random things

Heather and I made a whirlwind tour last week. Drove to Seattle to present my slide show at Feathered Friends, then played Sales Rep for a night at the Feathered Friends Rep night. This was a lot of fun and a very worthwhile thing to check out next year if you live in the Seattle area. Heather and i got to spend a day hanging out with her parents which was the bonus of the trip.

We then headed down to Portland to visit David and Sara then ski at Mt. Hood. Do to a last minute family obligation we were not able to hang out with David and Sara and drove toward Mt. Hood to stay the night. We were unable to ski at hood the next day so we drove home.

Justin and I check out the snow conditions at Grand Targhee yesterday. Skinned up the cat track and made some worthwhile turns. More on this at:

The weather continues to be inclimate here in eastern Idaho. I'm ready for the winter season. There is a fair amount of snow up high, but we need some cooler temps down low for ice climbing to happen. Soon enough though we'll be in full winter mode.