December 07, 2008

I love winter...really!

That's not a drool-cicle in my Goatee. Promise!

Honestly it wasn't until late January of 2008 that i started getting excited about skiing again. I grew up alpine skiing with my family and friends. Discovered the joys of exploration on cross-country skis around the age of 10. A guy that i worked with at the long time gone, Solitude Sports, showed me the graceful art of Telemark skiing when i was 15. Ice climbing started to consume my time in winter and skiing fell by the wayside. The last time i remember skiing down hill for fun was with Jess at Teton Village, maybe during the winter of 2000 or 2001. I might have skied Jackson Pass a handful of times that winter too, but i don't really remember.

I picked up a used pair of skis last winter mounted with AT bindings. I felt like i didn't have the time to dedicate to Telemark skiing enough to allow me to ski comfortably and in control in a myriad of conditions and terrain. I had a lot of fun and got out enough to justify new skis, boots and bindings for this year! Even Heather ditched the snowboard this year and equipped herself with a pair of Black Diamond Joules! Yesterday was my 6th day of skiing this season and for the first time ever, i have skied more this winter than i have been ice climbing. Pretty much everyone skis, and pretty much everyone is much better than i am at skiing. I suck at it which makes it so much fun for me!

Most of the time, winter is my favorite season. I love rock climbing, but there is something about winter and being outside that moves me. Okay, i don't like standing around in the cold, but winter climbing, skiing, and exploring is as enjoyable to me as rock climbing during the other three seasons of the year! Who knows maybe I'll ski more this winter than i will have the opportunity to go ice climbing. That's cool i suppose...

I have a trip report from skiing on the Crows Nest yesterday at

Justin and Chad, thanks for the photos and fun day on Friday.