December 14, 2008

Same ol stuff

It's been a pretty normal week. Two days of gym climbing; some power, some endurance. Three days of skiing. Some work around the house. Nothing super exciting. I did ski Green Mountain in the Tetons with a couple of friends. Trip report at: and Heather and i skied at Targhee yesterday.

The one positive thing is that i seem to be having less pain in my knee. I am starting to wonder if the up hill travel on skis has helped to strengthen things in my knee; possibly providing some needed muscle balance as i have not really done much cardio and leg work this summer. I suppose that's what happens when I'm psyched about sport climbing.

It looks like Heather and I will be traveling to the St. George area just after Christmas for several days. We'll get to spend some time with several of our dear friends climbing and just goofing off. We are looking forward to this very much.

It continues to snow here and it's starting to really pile up. Looking forward to some ski touring on Kelly Mountain just behind our house. Should be worthwhile by the end of the week if the snow keeps coming. Keep your fingers crossed.