January 04, 2009


Can you believe it's 2009?? Crazy! Heather and I had a chance to sneak down to southern Utah and spend a few days climbing with Brian and Abe. We kept things pretty casual and just went cragging. I also had a chance to reconnect with my friend Gina for a short lunch date. That was super cool too! Heather got to spend time with Beckey and Shannon which was the highlight of her trip.

We drove home before a winter storm closed roads and added more snow to the mountains around our home. Bear and I skied one day together and then Heather and I skied Friday and Saturday. Conditions were pretty bad on Friday and we both got "munched" but we explored a different peak on Saturday where we found a nice powder slope to leave our tracks on. Some info and more photos at http://nopiste.blogspot.com/
I fly to Ouray for the ice festival on Wednesday and will get to do a whole lot of ice climbing to make up for my lack of motivation so far this year. Hopefully i'll see some of you guys and gals there! After that it's home for a few days then off to SLC for the winter trade show.