January 12, 2009

good bye to Ouray...for now!

It all started with the Indian girl (a girl from India) named Sue. On my flight to Ouray i has a few hours to kill at the Denver Airport. I was walking around looking at different shops, eating food, and finding things to drink when i noticed this one person. There are hundreds of people in the Denver Airport and i just happened to make eye contact with this one person. Our paths crossed two other times before i boarded the airplane for Grand Junction. As i turned the corner and started walking down the isle, i noticed this same person and i thought - wow that's kinda strange. As i got closer to my seat assignment, it became apparent that my seat was next to this person that i somehow noticed in a crowd of hundreds of people hours before. Well come to find out that person was an Indian girl named Sue who is a Chef at one of those super fancy and expensive restaurants in Telluride, Colorado. She was on the last leg of her flight home from visiting family in South Africa. I thought the whole experience was both random and destiny. Sue would have been proud of the kick butt dinner Ian made at the condo for a few of our friends (photo below).
Now I could talk about onsighting a cool M8+ or spew about how the WI-6 routes in Ouray aren't really that hard, or brag about soloing a bunch of fun WI-4 routes in the Box Canyon...but i'd rather tell you about popping off of the M5 in front of my class while teaching a "Hard Mixed Clinic" for the Ouray Ice Festival! It was awesome. I wasn't even embarrassed... i was laughing too hard - along with the rest of the class! I am happy to be human. Regardless of what i got done while at the Festival, the value for me comes from teaching clinics to other folks who are psyched to learn about ice and mixed climbing. It pretty cool to watch people catch the vision and see the light in not being held back by what they know and opening their minds to change and experience evolution. Sometimes i get tips, sometimes people take me out to dinner, and i've even been asked "hey, wanna come back to my hotel this evening??" but the best payment is getting to make new friends and watch them get after it on the rock and ice. It's pretty cool. Kinda like being a guide but completely different at the same time. I'm not there to get paid.
Well, i'm on my way home now and i can't wait to get out of Grand Junction. My rental car was due back at 1pm but my flight doesn't leave until 5pm. If any of you have spent time at the GJ airport there isn't much to do so i'm gonna get caught up on my sleep! I wish that was the case; i've got way too much to get done with the quickly approaching Winter Outdoor Retailer. Big changes for the Mammut athlete program!

In parting i thought this image says a lot, and that would be: It appears that it's a law of nature in allowing others to stand on your shoulders to find success. Why fight it?