January 23, 2009

something to pass the time

I'm in SLC for the Oudoor Retailer Show. Lots happening which means i have not time to write for the next couple of days. So i'll do a quick recap of this week.

Heather and I skied Monday. I drove to SLC Tuesday morning to get things for Mammut set up at the Salt Palace. Worked at the Backcountry Base Camp Demo on Wednesday. Someone smashed out the back window of my car and stole two duffel bags of demo climbing shoes worth about $2,000....that sucked. Nobody in SLC has a replacement window in stock so i'll either have to order it and wait around till Tuesday of next week, or drive home without a window on Sunday....which would suck.

On a positive note, there is are two great photos of Christine and one of me at Devils Tower in the new issue of Rock and Ice. Heather has a sweet full page image of her in the new Liberty Mountain Climbing Catalog - looking totally sexy i might add! And last but not least the here's a link to a local article from the River City Weekly http://www.rivercityweekly.com/paper/2009-0122-WINTER.pdf

That's all for now...