February 01, 2009

what's going on?

Heather skiing Peak 7333 in the Big Hole Moutains - basically our backyard!

It seems i'm turning into a full time skier these days! It's pretty easy to do, living 10 minutes from our backcountry stashes. Heather is not far behind me in number of days out skiing this winter.

When i started http://nopiste.blogspot.com/ i decided to post all things skiing on their as to help generate content for the site as it builds a user base. Likely my blog has suffered from the added attention i've been giving to the community ski blog. So for the time being, if you're checking in to see what's been happening, you might as well take a moment and visit East Idaho Off-Piste too.

I'll be heading to the Cody Ice Festival in a few weeks and looking forward to it! I sure love that place and that event. Maybe i'll see a few of you folks there?