March 06, 2009

i went climbing....for real!

Some sunshine and warm temps brought about this strange sensation to go rock climbing! Weird i know. I drove out to Midget Widget by myself with a rope and some crash pads for a quick afternoon solo/boulder session, but discovered a very snow covered road stopping me dead in my tracks several miles before the crag. Bummer.

I thought it would be a perfect spring-like day to crag at South Park but knowing the area is closed for wintering mule deer, i only had two other options - Heise Rock or the gym! Sadly enough i could not bring myself to climb at Heise Rock so i sat in the sun on my front porch for a little while soaking up the warm rays. As soon as Heather got home we headed to our local gym. We had fun for the most part.

I am happy to say that i am completely out of rock climbing shape and i'm very happy about that! I doubt i'm capable of climbing 5.11 right now which might be a really tuff pill to swallow for some climbers, but not me! I like working hard to get into shape. Gym climbing isn't so much about the scene. My only needs for atmosphere are positive people, energizing music with a driving beat and some aggression, and chalk dust! I got totally destroyed in just a few short hours. I fell off of almost everything i got on and loved every minute of it. I know i did something right as i was wicked sore the next day.

Right now my focus is to gain some base fitness over the next couple of weeks before my trip to Red Rocks and then to Indian Creek with Heather and a few friends from around here. After that i think the TeNialator and i have plans to start development on what could be "the future" for area climbers. Lots of route potential, lots of variety, and lots of limestone! NO, it's not west of Idaho Falls!

I've got some great trips in mind this year and it appears another international trip in likely for Heather and I this summer! I think we'll run the gamut of styles this year with some sport climbing, trad climbing and likely some alpine rock and mixed climbing along with some new route development with TeNgiao at the new sector. It should e an awesome year for climbing if we can stay injury free!