March 15, 2009

It's nothing like climbing, but it's still adventurous

I thought this would be worthwhile to post on my blog. Here's the story:

I've been inspired by the long, steep, chutes and couloir's on the northwest face of Sheep Mountain in the Snake River Range. About a month ago, a few friends and i explored one of the chutes on Windy Peak which is a sub peak of Sheep. I am intimidated by the amazing lines on Sheep as they could be very dangerous in the wrong snow conditions. You are exposed to huge cliffs below you at times as you snake around them.

I got one step closer to skiing the big couloir on Sheep's northwest face yesterday. Scott and I got a little more familiar with this side of the mountain. Our plan was to ski the big couloir if conditions were right, but as we performed several snow stability tests on our way up, we were both somewhat concerned and opted for a slightly more protected line to the west. We skied the lower portion of the couloir as shown in the video above.

In typical Dean fashion, it was an adventure with a lot of uncertainty, caution, and in the end success on something new. What a cool adventure.