March 12, 2009

the positive side of negative - is there one?

I went climbing this afternoon for a couple of hours. Bouldering to be specific. I was on overload from Mammut Team management tasks that i had to get away from my computer for a little bit of mental health! The sun was out and temps were in the low 30's. It felt great. The stone was cold and sharp; two things my skin is not conditioned for. In less than a week i'll be in Red Rocks, Nevada for the Rendezvous. I have two all day clinics for this event; both are multi-pitch efficiency. Bouldering - is there a better way to prep for my clinics? Seriously, i'll just tell my class that kids these days don't have any interest in multi-pitch climbing and since we're walking past the Craft Boulders, we may as well go bouldering! I bet it will work!!

On a serious note, i'll be in Indian Creek with Heather and a few friends the week after Red Rocks - man am i glad i've been bouldering in the gym and bouldering outside to prepare for that too! I am excited though to meet up with my friend Paul Robinson post Red Rocks for a bit of... bouldering?? Oh wait, i think he wanted to do some sport climbing in St. George.... hmmm, maybe i should boulder some more tomorrow?

Okay seriously. I had fun today. Explored some great choss and came up with a few new problems: The Me, Myself, and I Comp Problem (above photo) and the Dead Goat with Pigeon Feather Headstone (left). I didn't send either of them as i was too busy trying to take photos of myself! But like i said at the beginning of this paragraph... i had fun.

I wonder what kind of melt down tomorrow will bring? Deep water soloing along the South Fork of the Snake River? Maybe i'll just go to the gym instead.