April 02, 2009

Desert Mice

Our Hold on the Wall Gang

Making the "too wide to jam" face on Black n Stacks - Offwidth City

Justin and Emily on a great route at the Shipyard - Long Canyon

Heather and I along with half a dozen friends and their kids made the pilgrimage to climb desert cracks this past week. Many years ago, i was invited on a trip with Brian Poulsen and his youngest daughter for a week of parenting skills and desert crack climbing at Indian Creek. It was four dudes and a two year old baby girl. Needless to say i learned a lot about parenting while in the desert.

That trip left a lasting impression on me. Not just how amazing kids can be, but the whole desert experience with close friends and the spirit of that journey burned deep into my soul. I wanted to feel that experience again as well as pass it on to others, so Heather and I invited many of our close friends from Idaho to join us for spring break in southern Utah.

We dealt with wind, snow, cold nights, and three kids - all under the age of 3. Despite the weather issues, we climbed, bouldered, hung out around the campfire and told stories of years past. The power of the desert touched all of us and the bonds of friendship and the desire to climb were strengthened. I personally came away with a renewed energy for friendships, partnerships, and a reminder how special kids really are.

I titled this post "Desert Mice" as we are more mountain people and not full fledged desert rats! Some day maybe?? BP - thanks for the desert vision.

Justin, Beth, Chad, and Heather around the campfire.